Foreign Specialized Exhibitions

Having exposed the stand with your products, you can:  

  • Declare about your company and product / service.
  • Meet personally with potential / interested buyers of your products and at the same time hear their opinions / reviews, assess consumer reaction.
  • Expand the database of contacts for the future.
  • Conduct your market research: to study strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and their products, assess your market position.
  • Learn about innovative new ideas and technologies, assess their application in your enterprise.
  • Confirm your presence on the market.
  • Expand distribution channels.
  • Boost the sales process.

If you decide to take part in this or that exhibition, the experts of "KAZNEX INVEST"  JSC will provide you with all possible assistance in matters of organization, and you will be provided with funding for participation of your enterprise when payment of:

  • registration fee;
  • lease of not more than 12 sq.m. of equipped exhibition area;
  • advertising in the exhibition official catalog as may be required;
  • lease of additional equipment (showcases, stands, standard furniture, fascia board inscription, carpeting, LCD monitor, projector, support bearing, DVD player, etc.) as may be required;
  • design of the stand (pasting the stand with "ORACLE" film) as may be required
  • installation and dismantling of the stand; 
  • carrying out communications (electricity, telephone, water, internet, etc.) as may be required;
  • insurance premium (compulsory insurance of exhibition equipment) asmayberequired.

Important: an enterprise can use this service once a year.

Contact person: Asem Zholdaspayeva, a specialist of the Service for Export Promotion of «KAZAKH INVEST» JSC, by telephone: +7 (7172) 620 535, e-mail:

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