Promotion to the market of purchasing in humanitarian sector

In the period from 2010 to 2016 more than 70 Kazakhstan enterprises have presented their products, 16 of which have entered into export contracts worth over 90 million US dollars. More details on the results achieved

The market of humanitarian supplies is a very largescale and serious international business, which annual turnover is estimated at tens of billions of US dollars.

Humanitarian organizations acquire great variety of goods, ranging from food products to machine engineering products, depending on their purpose. The active participation of Kazakhstan enterprises in this market is a kind of launching pad for access to international markets.

The specialists of «KAZAKH INVEST» JSC provide assistance for introduction of our company into the network of suppliers of humanitarian goods. In particular:

  • raising awareness through individual consulting, provision of instructional materials (procurement procedures and product specifications) and conduction of workshops on business operations with humanitarian organizations;
  • promotion of products of domestic enterprises onto the market of humanitarian procurements through participation in international trade fairs (AIDEX, AIDF, DIHAD and IDME), distribution of the catalog «Relief Items From Kazakhstan» and product samples;
  • assessment of readiness of an enterprise (pre-qualification inspection) to determine the degree of compliance with requirements of potential buyers with attraction of the staff of international organizations (the United Nations and the KKKP);
  • technical support to clarify procedures for registration in the database of potential suppliers ( and requirements of pre-bid documents. 

Contact person: SabitNarbayev, Director of the representation office of «KAZAKH INVEST» JSC in Almaty city.

Address: 613, 615 office, 111 Gogol street, Almaty city  

Теl.: +7 (727) 2 590-690


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