Insurance and financial export operations from "KazExportGarant"

It is an effective instrument for the strategy of  a "safe entry" to new markets  and the opportunity to increase the volumes of export sales and to rise your competitiveness. With the help of these operations you will be able to compensate losses and  avoid new ones

For Kazakhstani banks, this Financing program (under insurance coverage of and at the expense of KazExportGarant) provides an opportunity for:

  • Insurance of up to 100% of the risk of default on obligations by the issuing banks;
  • Expansion of the product line;
  • Expansion of the customer base.

Learn more about Financing program

Under the scheme “Exporter’s credit insurance”, KazExportGarant provides Kazakh Exporter the protection against the risk of loss associated with default on financial obligations by the Foreign counterparty (Importer) under the export contract for sales of goods, works and services on the deferred payment terms.

Learn more about Credit insurence

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