Reimbursement of the cost of exporters

Reimbursement of the cost of exporters

State supports exporters through the recovery of 50% of the costs associated with the withdrawal of domestic products to foreign markets.

 What types of expenses are reimbursed?

  • Certification of products (certificates of conformity, certificates of origin, quality certificates, phytosanitary certificates, etc...)
  • registration of products / trademarks abroad;
  • maintenance of representative offices abroad (rental office, warehouse, shop, show room);
  • participation in international exhibitions (manufacturing and rental of stands, rental space, registration fee, airfare of 2 employees * economy class, hotel accommodation for 2 employees * 5 days)
  • advertising and distributing products (catalogues, brochures, flyers);
  • ads abroad (making movies and scrolling on the TV, radio, print and electronic media, public banners);
  • training of staff working in the field of export control;
  • Involvement of the franchise;
  • the creation and launch of a website;
  • Marketing research.

Who can apply for a refund?

Subjects of industrial innovation activity, engaged in the export of processed products (list of products for export which businesses are reimbursed expenses, see. Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 2, 2012 No 1017 “On approval of the Rules of reimbursement of costs for industrial innovation activity for promotion of the domestic processed goods and services to foreign markets, the list of domestic processed goods and services, which are partially reimbursed the cost of their promotion on foreign markets, and the Repeal of certain decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.).

What period is affected by reimbursed expenses?

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Complete and exhaustive list of documents is available in the Rules of the Regulation specified.

What is important to know?

To understand the complete picture of the cost reimbursement and to avoid mistakes when applying for reimbursement, it is necessary to read the Rules of cost reimbursement, the full text of the regulations with appendixes can be downloaded here.

Where to go?

Department of export grants KAZAKH INVEST JSC: 

  • Arman Sabirin, tel.: +7 (7172) 620 506, mob.: +7 +7 701 124 17 12,;
  • Lyazzat Baimurzina, tel.: +7 (7172) 620 546, mob.: +7 701 523 42 09, e-mail:;
  • Ainur Tuleubekova, tel.: +7 (7172) 620 568, mob.: +7 701 999 83 90, e-mail:
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