Import duties on commodities

World Customs Organization (WCO) has developed Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (abbreviation HS in English), which is used for the establishment of customs tariffs and collection of statistical data on international trade.
On the basis of Harmonized  System, the it has been drafted the database of foreign duties, used by foreign countries towards the Kazakhstani products, which allows one-click comparing of the conditions of  availability to target sales market.
•    Year -  a year, during which the data on tariffs have been presented.
•    Revision – a version of  a Harmonized System, which is used by the given country. It is specified as HSXY, where  HS – is the indication of  a harmonized system, and XY  - is the year of the system updates, for example, 07 means  the year 2007.
•    Total ad valorem equivalent – is the total value of taxes, established in per cents to customs cost of chargeable commodities.

Country FEACN Year Revision Number of national tariff items Total ad valorem equivalent
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