Kazakhstan - United Arab Emirates: the potential for economic cooperation

KazakhstanUnited Arab Emirates
Отрасль: Группы по ТНВЭД (01-24). Продукты животного или растительного происхождения, готовые продовольственные товары., Группы по ТНВЭД (68-69). Строительные материалы, Группы по ТНВЭД (84-92). Машины, оборудование, транспортные средства, приборы и аппараты, Группы по ТНВЭД (70-71, 93-97, 99). Прочие товары

In Dubai was held a trade mission of Kazakhstani producers. Event was organized by the National Agency for Export and Investment «KAZNEX INVEST» Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dubai, with the assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United Arab Emirates.

This is the first trade mission in which Kazakhstan has presented its industrial and export potential.

The event was attended by 19 producers in the field of mechanical engineering (smart POS terminals), construction (dry mixes, acrylics), pharmaceutical (tubes with accessories for taking venous blood, drugs), food (salt, flour, soft drinks, camel milk, eggs, flour) industries and services (non-destructive testing, technical diagnostics, installation and maintenance of electrical installations in the oil and gas industry). Kazakhstan's companies have held talks with leading wholesale purchasing and distribution companies of the UAE for the supply of domestic products in the Emirates market, as well as issues of registration and certification of products.

Foreign trade turnover between Kazakhstan and the UAE in 2015 amounted to US $ 109.5 million... Last year was the first time when Kazakhstan had exported eggs and meat products in the UAE market.

By the end of this year «KAZNEXINVEST» plans to hold trade missions and present products of domestic manufacturers in the Russian Federation.

National Agency for Export and Investment «KAZNEX INVEST» is part of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is the national operator of the system and to promote non-oil exports, as well as a specialized state-owned company to attract and work with foreign investors. «KAZNEX INVEST» is financed from the republican budget and renders its services on a pro bono basis. 

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