"Kazakh Invest" to become a single center for strengthening relations with the international investment community


"Kazakh Invest is not only a new name, it is the emergence of a whole paradigm. Our main focus is on investors. We start new investors, while we do not forget about the old ones. We know what they want, and we want them to work in Kazakhstan. The main principle of Kazakh Invest is to help, without hindering," M.Kabashev said.

He noted that on behalf of the Government, "Kazakh Invest" will act as a single negotiator and a single center for creating and strengthening relations with the international investment community. In this regard, the main functional duty of Kazakh Invest will be to provide full support to the foreign investor from the idea and before the opening of production in Kazakhstan and the subsequent export release, in other words, the support of the investment project throughout the entire period of its implementation.

"This means moving to a more efficient, rational and business-oriented format for attracting investment in the country's economy," the chairman of the board said.


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