Kazakhstan increases export to EEU countries


The National Company "KAZAKH INVEST" of the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized an involvement of Kazakhstan producers in a business forum of the Eurasian Economic Union, which was held in the city of Tsakhkadzor (Armenia) last weekend.

In the national company said that large domestic enterprises - manufacturers of transformer equipment, mineral fertilizers, cable and wire products, food salt, confectionery, fat-and-oil products, and fish products, held talks with more than 70 wholesale and procurement companies in Armenia, Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, as well as with companies from Georgia and Iran.

The Kazakh business was met with interest by the Armenian side, which expressed interest in purchasing domestic products.

As a result of bilateral meetings between Kazakhstan and Armenian companies, preliminary agreements were reached for the supply of food, engineering, and chemical products for a total amount of about 4 million dollars.

In addition, at the site of this forum "KAZAKH INVEST" discussed issues on increasing exports to the EEU countries, as well as problems on the way of export of our goods with the leadership of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

"Such events and discussions really help exporters of the EEU countries to find partnerships, understand the competitive advantages of the countries with which free trade negotiations are conducted and free relations are simply established. Such discussions are an occasion to take advantage of the best practices of each other in order to make the most of their export potential," Member of the Board of Trade (Minister) for Trade of EEC Veronica Nikishina noted.

In turn, Kazakhstan’s producers stressed the importance and necessity of state support for the promotion of their products for export.

"Within the framework of our activity, we pay special attention to the promotion of Kazakhstan products to the markets of the EEU countries. Within the Eurasian Economic Forum, we presented the flagships of Kazakhstan’s export, our products are of great interest from companies from these countries," Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "National Company "KAZAKH INVEST" Meyrzhan Maykenov concluded.

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