Why Kazakhstan?


Kazakhstan is politically stable and attractive state with favorable business climate, which is situated in the very heart of Eurasia.

From the ancient times Kazakhstan was a unique logistic center where the caravan lines of the Great Silk Way crossed. Strategically important freights were transported by this land from China to Russia, from India to Europe, and it was here where the most important trade agreements of global significance were signed.

Three of five BRIC countries suchas Russia, China and India are situated in proximity to Kazakhstan.

The year 2010 was marked by joining the Republic of Kazakhstan to the customs union with Russia and Belarus, thanks to which the market scope of the country reached 170 million people.

Kazakhstan takes the 50th position in Ease of DoingBusiness 2014.*

Kazakhstan is the 9th country in the world in terms of size. The land of the country holds huge resources and potential discoveries. 99 chemical elements of Mendeleev’s table are found in its interior. 70 of them are being explored, and 60 are being used. The programs on deep hole drilling and discovering new resources are developed. Kazakhstan takes a leading position in the world by uranium mining and stocks, being ahead of Canada and Australia. With currentdevelopment speed the ore reserves will be enough for 400 years.

Economic indicators of Kazakhstan

  • Population: 17 165 000  people (2014)
  • GDP: $203,5 (2012)
  • FFI: 105,0 (2012г)
  • Per capita GDP: $12 118,9 (2012)
  • Currency: Tenge

For the period until 2015 the basic priority of forced industrialization policy will be the realization of large-scale investment projects in traditionaleconomic sectors oriented to export, with multiplication of new business opportunities forsmall and medium-sizes business through task-oriented development of Kazakhstani content, following changes and processing.

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